Special needs Unit Maths Mural - Mackay North State High School 2016 in collaboration with Kerry Smith and a team of yr 10 students
Sarina Festival 2016 - eLuminate (steam punk style stop motion animation in collabiration with Donna Maree Robinson)
Tech-ture Green Art RADF project 2016 - Stop motion animation with yr 4 students from St. Francis Catholic Primary school in collaboration with Donna Maree Robinson) 2 x movies (School National Tree Planting day and turtle projects)
Interactive Chalk Wall - The Zone Canelands - Commissioned work
Mackay North State High School 2016 - Music Mural
FLOW (solo exhibition) 2016 - acrylic paint on canvas
Commissioned wings for the Wellness Collective 2016 - Interactive colouring activity - Hand illustration rendered in Adobe Illustrator
Natural by Nature Wing Commission 2015
Sarina Festival project 2015 - "On the Fringe Belonging" Stop motion animation (with St Annes Primary School Sarina)
Disordre exhibition 2015 - The Grid Hybrid Toowoomba - Interactive Mural
RADF project 2015 - Professional Development with Wild Things Creatie Brisbane - Adobe After effects experiental work
Infostruction project - Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015 (Instructions from the Fringe) Interactive mural
Anzac Mural 2015 - in collaborarion with Creative Move and Wavell Heights State School

// jodie connolly // donna robinson // digital design collaboration // 'tech//ture' series 2015

 'Obviate series' 2014
 colour digital montages (various sizes)
'whitenoise2013' digital collage series and exhibition photos
'information overload 2012' digital collage series and exhibition photos
'information overload 2012' series - experimental colour work
'urban life' 2011 digital experimental montages
Artstreet Mackay 2009 and 'subject matters' postcard exhibition 2009 - postcard experimental design
self portrait and other bits and pieces