How to build a strong brand identity


Know yourself.

Know your target audience.

Know your competition.

Take a position.

No one knows your business like you do. No one cares more about its customers and your success than you do. No one understands where your business can go better than you do. You’ve nurtured it and overseen its growth and development to get to where you are today. But now your business is at the next level of success, perhaps it’s time to deep-dive into your Brand and evaluate if your Brand Identity is working as strongly for you as it should.

How do we define what a Brand is in a clear and simple manner? It’s what your customers think of your business. The Co-Founder of Intuit expressed it succinctly: “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

How do we define Brand Identity? It’s what you want your brand to stand for, what it means to your customers and how it’s differentiated from your competitors. Brand identity is a powerful statement that influences how consumers perceive your brand. Brand Identity should support your marketing strategy by communicating your brand via visuals and language. These elements can include your logo, colour palette, design, typography, photography, videography, web design, packaging, tone of voice and social media executions. The best Brand Identity practice is to ensure all these elements are cohesive, distinctive and memorable. Think of brands like Apple, Qantas, Nike, Netflix, and McDonalds – as disparate as they all are, their branding is uniquely identifiable. When businesses have such strong brand identities, it translates to consumers having an emotional connection with the brand whereby they form a relationship that encourages loyalty. This level of brand loyalty is the Holy Grail that we all strive for. The building of a strong Brand Identity is an everyday goal. Everyday makes a difference and everyday is the chance to reach a new milestone.

That’s where Everyday Design can help. Our daily purpose is to help Brands build a stronger Brand Identity. It’s what we specialise in. Your success is our success, so we’ve developed a strategy that helps Brands reach their full potential in a crowded and competitive marketplace. But first we really like to take the time to get to know your business and work with you to define these four cornerstones of your brand:

Know yourself - what’s your mission? what do you stand for? Why do your customers need your business?

Know your target audience - who/what/where are they? What are their expectations? How can you exceed their expectations?

Know your competition - what do they do better? What do they do worse? How can you differentiate yourself from them?

Take a position and execute it – put all your insights into action.

Undoubtedly your business experience has already equipped you with much of this knowledge, but now it’s time to consider it in the context of a brand strategy. Everyday Design will help you formulate this with our Evolve Strategy:




We explore, document and benchmark the knowledge.

We work with you to develop your position in market.

We design and create your brand collateral and messaging to go to market.

Sometimes fresh eyes can make a world of difference so let Everyday Design give a new perspective on your business and let’s explore what we can achieve together. Whether you’re a start-up business looking to create a brand from scratch or you’re an established brand who knows your space and knows what you want and wants to work with a team that gets the job done, then get in touch.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than creating a brand or taking an existing brand to new heights.

We work with passion, integrity and dedication in partnership with you to achieve your vision, and a never say no attitude. That’s our brand. What’s yours?

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